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Welcome to the Battle of the Guilds!

Battle of the Guilds is a unique Ragnarok Online Server, powered by the most recent rAthena emulator. With exclusive server attributes and rates set at 15x/15x/5x, we ensure a top-notch experience. Dive into our array of custom items, quests, NPCs, narrative-driven quests, daily activities, and the added joys of mining, fishing, and farming. Our supportive staff and welcoming community await you. Don't hesitate; join us today!
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You are welcome to be our streamer as long as you consistently follow our requirements:
• With webcam and microphone
• Stream BG-RO at least 3x a week and a minimum of 2 hrs per stream
• Use our overlay stream

Create a ticket in our Discord with the following information:
Real Name, Facebook profile (NO DUMMY), Streamer page, and tell us about yourself and your Ragna experience.

Our streamers can receive the following benefits: Exclusive streamer costume, daily supply, giveaway box and 10% streamer donation code (which can be converted as Cash Points or Cash).

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Server Rankings

Rank Player Name Kills Streaks
1  Renzu 49 8
2  One Hit Delete 43 43
3  Bundok 37 2
4  Kobe 18 18
5  Father Judas 17 5
6  Moon Ziralt Estaria 9 3
7  bimbol 4 4
8  Zeus 4 1
9  Tiffy299 3 1
10  [GM]Freyja™ 2 2