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Support the Server

We appreciate your thoughts on donating to BG-RO. While playing BG-RO is entirely free, any contribution you make aids us in offsetting the expenses associated with maintaining our server.
Your donations contribute to server and web hosting charges, potential expansions and updates, advertising, and other operational costs.

Donation Policies:

• Donations cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
• Remember, your contribution helps sustain BG-RO.
• Donations are entirely voluntary; the decision is yours.
• While we value your donation, violations of our rules can still lead to appropriate actions.
• We aren't liable for lost funds due to hacking or scams; ensure you protect your assets.
• For the sake of balance, we won't offer item enhancements or special items apart from those listed below.

Using a Streamer Code with Your Donation

If you include a streamer code on your donation form, the associated streamer will receive points equal to 10% of your donation amount. For example, if you donate $100 and use a Streamer Code, you'll receive 5,000 Cash Points + 5% Cash Points (Streamer Code), and the streamer will be credited with a $10 donation. It's important to remember that streamer codes will only be recognized if they are entered into the donation form at the time of donation.

Below is a list of available streamer codes to assist you in supporting our community's content creators:
Streamer Code
Tiffy Streams TIFFY
Pakopen Gaming PAKOPEN

Donation Guidelines:

To make a donation:
• Click either the "PayPal" or "Gcash" button below and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.
• After completing the transaction, please send an email to donate@bg-ro.net using the template provided below
• Alternatively, you can also create a ticket on our Discord server (Help Center -> ticket -> Donation)

E-mail Template
• Subject: [Choose: Paypal or Gcash] Donation
• Amount:
• In-game name/Character name:
• Username:
• Streamer Code (Optional):
• Please attach a screenshot of the transaction confirmation

Conversion Rate

1 USD = 50 Cash Point
50 PHP = 1 USD

By donating to the server, you agree to the above policy.

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